GML: Honey No No

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There are only two things I need to get things done every day; my laptop and WiFi. It wasn’t Time Warner’s fault that this morning was slow, oh no – it was this piece of shit laptop. Freaking out for a half hour because the cursor decided to quit, it took me way longer to get this done than usual. But we’re here now so let’s get to it.

Scrolling Facebook this week there was a story about Kalliope Jones, an all female group with members ranging from 14 to 16. They, like many new bands, entered a Battle of the Bands competition. No big deal, maybe they’d win a prize – maybe they wouldn’t. The story came when they were told to “use the sultry to draw in the crowd,” and had points taken away their final score when they refused. Keep in mind that none of these girls can vote, they’re still living with their parents – kids in the eyes of everyone who recognizes 14 to 16 being a child still. Would a group of guys ever be told that? Let’s be real – NOPE.

Battle of the Bands is not a beauty pageant, Honey Boo Boo’s mom isn’t sitting in the crowd coaching her daughter to keep up the cute. No, it’s a competition that should be based on music, and not how hot the band can be. I get that artists are supposed to have a marketable look, but asking an 8th grader to sex it up, that’s a bit far. When the band confronted the judge about their comment, they said they meant it to be “positive” and noted that the band “did not understand why we confronted them about it.” So this person thought it was okay to ask a group of underage girls to be “sultry?” I want to know if that judge has a daughter and even so, could they ever imagine someone asking their daughter to be sexy for a crowd to get ahead?

Creeps aside, we have some great videos this week. I loved the ’90s feel Bully brought, the pop punk of Light Years and the couple of ones that made me want to dance. So let’s get to them…

Light Years “Living In Hell”

Milo McMahon “All Or Nothing”

Counting Days “Die Alone”

Novo Amor “Anchor”

Hibou “When The Season Ends”

Aaron Taos “Hands”

Victorian Halls “Tonight Only the Dead”

Legs “Hide and Seek”

Sloom “Magic Cup”

Bully “Too Tough”


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