My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure on Love Lost and Burritos


There was one Christmas, I think I’d turned five. It was months before I’d no longer be the baby and be deemed the middle child forever. Toys were everywhere; rollerskates, a badass Barbie that came with a show pony, paints and even some pom poms. What did I spend my time playing with? A cardboard box. You can’t beat the endless possibilities that come with an empty box that once contained something I’m sure parents would rather we play with because it cost them money. For me, it was a car but for many others they see spaceships.

That’s likely what the men behind My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure thought when they glanced at their first empty brown box of wonder. Once little guys with grand imaginations, now men with the same creative mentality – only putting it towards their rock band out of Pittsburgh. They’ve been around for almost a decade, have some EPs to their name but they just released their first LP this year and now they’re spreading the word about Seeker, among other things.

Kendra: You started seven years ago and finally dropped your first LP this summer. What was the road to that release paved with?

Mike Meiers: The road was paved with different members, a few EPs of figuring out what we wanted to sound like, and lots of touring. All those experiences have shaped us, and Seeker is the best representation of who we are. We’re a band that loves what we do and have no plans of stopping.

Kendra: Overall this record has a sense of love lost. In seven years, it seems like that could’ve happened a lot to inspire the lyrics. Did multiple relationships gone wrong happen, or just one major one?

Mike: I think for us, we’re pulling from multiple relationships. A lot of them have crossing themes and struggles. Failed relationships make great songs; emotions are raw and in your mind you can revisit how you were feeling at that time.

Kendra: A little word play to go along with Seeker. Finish this line, this time “Last Summer” I was…

Mike: …wondering if this album would get done…haha, seriously.

Kendra: Also, what do you consider the biggest “Time Waster?”

Mike: People who never contribute to a relationship (romantic or friendship) they take, drain and never invest. We don’t have time for that.

Kendra: Growing up, what did you take musically away from bands like Relient K and Jimmy Eat World?

Mike: Quality songs with lyrical substance and strong hooks. We were able to work with Dave Douglas, from Relient K on a single we made in 2012 called “Farewell.” That experience and his insight helped us view songwriting a little bit differently.

Kendra: We talked about the lost love, but something you guys will seem to love forever is Chipotle. If you had to write a love song to the food chain, what would some of the lines be?

Mike: “Burrito love will never break, guac will hold us together” I guess that’ll be off our album, “Guac Is Where the Heart Is.”

Kendra: What are your guys plans for the fall? Touring maybe?

Mike: We have a lot planned this fall. We’re working on some out state of dates, acoustic versions of songs off Seeker and starting to write new material for an EP we hope to start recording next year.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for those who may be the first people heading to Mars when that’s all a done deal and a reality, what give songs would be on it?

Mike: I think we’d probably have a mixtape of several different versions of Toto’s “Africa”…I mean, come on. That song is amazing.


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