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This week the main lady I write for and her copy editor pissed me off to such an extreme, that I literally wished we worked in an office together so I could’ve Hulk smashed their computer screens and ran away. I would be a HR person’s nightmare if I worked face to face with actual people. I applaud those who get up every day, go to their job, and don’t go ballistic from the idiots they are surrounded by.

Moving on, other than those two annoyances – the only thing that really caught my attention this week was the Emmys last Sunday. Not musical, but still pop culture so I’m go with that. In all my years I’ve only liked one thing on HBO so I’m not with it when it comes to Veep, Game of Thrones and whatever the hell Olive Kittsomethingsomething is. I just know that The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was robbed of some much deserved wins. Oh wait, there was something music related that went on. The Foo Fighters were apparently supposed to perform and then were pulled. TMZ got Dave Grohl out the night after and he was livid. Maybe they would’ve pulled in some viewers. Yeah, while the Emmys were making history with Viola Davis – no one was watching. They should’ve had it on CBS and let one of those NCIS host. Fox, continue on with your Teen Choice and leave the big ones to other networks.

That’s all I got for you this week as I’m pressed for time because the pain in my ass from the initial paragraph of this has dumped articles on me last minute…So check out this week’s video picks. There’s one from one of the Charmed girls, a nice R&B ditty, some that’ll make you dance and a couple that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve stepped onto the set of The Goldbergs.

tyDi feat. Nash Overstreet “Tear Me Up”

The Plaidians “The Follower”

The Persian Leaps “Under the Lilacs”

Rose McGowan “RM486”

Cristobal And The Sea “Fish Eye”

Christine and the Queens feat. Tunji Ige “No Harm Is Done”

Wet Ashes “Spot In The Sun”

Guides “Pictures On Pictures”

PUJOL “Sleepy Doni”

McClain Sullivan “Happy Anniversary”


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