New Mayans: “Universe”

The power of one man can sometimes be taken lightly. That should never be the case. There’ve been plenty of people out there, on their own, who’ve been able to make the most out of what they’ve got and that’s just what Swiggy has done with New Mayans’ first single “Universe.”

If you would told me this one just a dude named Swiggy doing his thing as New Mayans, I would not have believed you. Alas here we are and here is a song that sounds like that one where The Killers famously asked, “Are we human or are we dancers?” but instead of having some epic Brandon Flowers moment vocally, New Mayans kept it simple yet endearing the whole through – adding a sense of New Wave meets today’s modern radio rock.

Given time, New Mayans may be one of those bands that kick off the night and eventually grow to play right before the likes of Muse at a huge annual radio show. For night now you can wait patiently for Odyssey to drop later this year and in the meantime listen to “Universe” on repeat and get to know Chicago’s Swiggy and his New Mayans’ realm a little bit more.


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