Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots: Take Out The Trash

Some years ago Destroy Nate Allen walked into my inbox and I was interested and afraid all at the same time. An odd duo composed of a man and wife with songs containing the most obscure of topics, I was like – now that’s a first. Fast forward to today, hit play and now it’s one half of that band, Nate Allen, and he’s a self-proclaimed unemployed workaholic with something to say – well, sing. Armed with a kazoo, his latest album Take Out The Trash does a fine job with The Pac-Away Dots toning down the eccentricities a bit and giving us a dose of reality while still keeping it weird.

Like a song you’d hear from a vagabond on Hollywood Blvd., “Open To Everything” is punk with an indie folk twist. As it plays into “Hunger Pains,” I think to myself and then relay the message to you. This is what you’d get if you were to mate the B-52’s with a punk band. Crazy aside, “Westside Blues” and “Social Equality” balance things out with heart and realism, as do “Photograph” and “More Money Than We Have.” That money one really hit me like a brick and because of that will be the one I take with me after I wrap this up.

Listening to Destroy and now just Nate Allen, you can hear the growth. But he grew in a way that let him explore other options while still remaining true to who he is as an artist. While he’s matured lyrically, he still likes to have fun with sound and take risks in that department. All of which are much appreciated. If you’re a fan of music that finds a nice balance between kooky and cool, check out Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots’ Take Out The Trash, out now.

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