GML: Jem and the Holograms

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The idea of holograms seems cool in the grand scheme of things, but in reality – it’s just a little silly. That Tupac one that made some sort of impact at Coachella amazed a sea of people but looking at the pictures – he was a disfigured representation of a late rapper. He wasn’t the first and it seems like he won’t be the last. It was recently announced that Whitney Houston will be heading out on tour. Yes, she died a couple of years ago but that isn’t stopping technology and her family from making some extra cash off her music.

What I don’t like about this is that it makes their legendary status kind of blah. The reason Kurt Cobain continues to have a draw because he left too soon. We never got to see what could have been. The same can be said of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and most recently Amy Winehouse. When people die young and all of a sudden, they become infamous and seem to be celebrated more. What they left behind becomes cherished, because that is supposed to be it. Instead, these hologram companies want to keep the party going – even though it shouldn’t. Plus, why the hell would you pay more than a dollar to watch a concert by a person who isn’t even there?

Let the legends rest in peace and focus on the new artists coming up in the world. Artists like the ones we’ve got videos from this week. Sledding With Tigers put out one of the best records this year, an homage to Space Jam and this week dropped “Retirement.” A bounce house is heard to beat but pop punkers from The Playbook have quite the video for “Redemption” and Far In The Maples may’ve released the cutest song of the summer with “Hookline.” That’s just a few so continue on to check out the rest of the picks from this week.

Sledding With Tigers “Retirement”

Jimmy Whispers “I Get Lost In You In The Summertime”

Young Rival “Interior Light”

Story of the Running Wolf “Electric”

The Playbook “Redemption”

Far In The Maples “Hookline”

Whether, I “Among Lions”

CocoRosie “Lost Girls”

Bad Bad Hats “Shame”

Tuff Sunshine “Rattlin’ Man”



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