Century Thief: Reverie

Nearing the end of the weekend and a man who teams with Oreos is going up against the ex of a pop star. All the while, through the aggressive yells, I’m listening to Century Thief’s Reverie. The musical child of She & Him and Ludo, this Toronto based band has taken the heart of an indie band, jazzed it up with a trumpet and found a way to pull it through grinder and pour it into an obscure casing. While it sounds like a mosh posh, it’s actually quite delicious for a debut record.

Reverie opens what sounds like a television intro in the ‘70s. “Time Goes” is either the start of a sitcom about a woman making it on her own, or something set in a city that gets visited by a lot of downpours. What I always like about bands like this is the surprise element. Never having heard them before, it was great to hear a man and a woman split the lead vocals. Kathryn Kearns controls every situation with a hint of elegance with “Sabotage” and their lead single “Pillar.” This song, along with “Under the Cloud Cover” is what stood out most – Century Thief are grand storytellers with a killer soundtrack to back their tales. Just one line into “Pillar” is a testament to that as well as their ability to connect on a universal level, “Look at the people outside – They’re beautiful – They’re all the things I’d like to be.”

Whether they’re taking you through New Orleans with “City Banks” or giving a gypsy vibe with “Oh Beautiful Impermanence,” this band does the trick and I really didn’t think I was going to like this record. Much to my surprise I was all smiles as the screaming in the other room remained at an all time high. They’re a band to watch this year, so make sure to check out Century Thief and their debut, Reverie, out now.

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