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One of the stories I wrote in the past few days was about Bruno Mars being asked to do the Halftime Show at the next Super Bowl. You can go ahead and give his name a click to read who I think should perform instead of him. Basically ANYONE. He’s not an untalented guy in any way, he’s just – a little meh. Fun fact, my mom thought he was a woman for some time before she saw him on Ellen.

Other than Mars potentially getting to perform at the 50th Super Bowl, there was nothing else that musically caught my eye unless you count Jimmy Fallon lip syncing to that whipping nae nae or whatever song. Truth, I’d never heard more than the hook until then. Speaking of, if you haven’t watched this week’s Lip Sync Battle, please do and let me know if you agree that Abbi Jacobson was robbed.

Now on to this week’s video picks. Look Out Love is someone I definitely will be keeping an eye on over the next year. Right when I clicked play on that video, I was like – yup – this one’s a go. The same goes with Connie Constance who has this singer-songwriter feel that verges on pop. Then there was August Eve with “Ghost,” a song that would’ve fit perfectly into The Virgin Suicides. The same can be said of Thayer Sarrano and her Lana Del Rey essence. They aren’t the only videos, just a handful in these week’s batch – so check them out below.

P’ARIS “Confidence”

Connie Constance “Stars”

Clones of Clones “Somebody Else”

August Eve “Ghost”

Sophie Lowe “Understand”

Thayer Sarrano “Shaky”

Kirt Debique “Tell Me How You Know”

Look Out Love “Never Know”

Viet Cong “Bunker Buster”

Moana “Elephant Bones”


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