Like Mike Talks Classics and Champions

Remember when Lil Bow Wow was in a movie in which he somehow got Michael Jordan’s powers and became great at basketball? Was that what that was about? I’ve seen it once in high school and only remember the boy next to me crying at the end. Hey Steven – sorry, the secret’s out. The following isn’t about that though, but rather a pop punk band that shares the name.

Like Mike can be considered the bad boys based on the mere fact that if they were anyone from Space Jam, they’d be the villains. However, they did turn out to be sweethearts at the end. Which is exactly how you’d classify these guys. With a summer tour under their belt and a new EP in the works that blends the heartache of losing a loved one and the strength of a champ, it’s bound to be what they believe is their best yet. Now to learn more about the pop punk outlet out of Georgia that takes from the past and present, check out the rest of what they had to say.

Kendra: Your influences span from Taking Back Sunday to The Story So Far. When it comes down to it, what do you like and what don’t you like about the new and the old school bands?

Like Mike: One characteristic of old school bands I appreciated is how authentic they are. Everything they did was truly revolutionary because of their sound and that is why they still exist decades later. I feel like most new school bands just regurgitate what’s already been done and just resell it to a new generation of kids. The Story So Far is an exception to this though, I truly feel they have an authentic sound. One of the reasons why we enjoy and look up to that band is the fact that they made their own path, which is hard to find in this day and age.

Kendra: With your third EP in the works, what little things have you noticed are already shaping up and showing growth?

Like Mike: We have a new EP coming out before the end of the year which is, in our opinion, our best piece of work we are going to put out to date. One significant difference is that we all collectively wrote this new EP giving it a very distinct, but still similar sound to the rest of our music.

Kendra: Does this upcoming record have a theme or did you pull from all over the place?

Like Mike: Most of the songs are about Zak’s dogs that passed away. There’s also a song about WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

Kendra: Are there any songs that we should be on the look out for that you’re excited to share?

Like Mike: All songs on the EP have had our heart and soul poured into it. If I had to pull out a song, I’d say the title-track Is going to be a banger.

Kendra: You all did a Space Jam tour this past July. Which Looney Tunes characters would each of you guys be and really quick, why?

Like Mike: We identify closest to the Monstars squad. Mostly because we want to take over the world and turn it into an amusement park!

Kendra: Speaking of, Sledding with Tigers out in Southern California just dropped a record that is all Space Jam inspired. What movie from your childhood do you think you all could do that with and do it justice?

Like Mike: I could probably do Space Jam as well. I’ve definitely logged some hours into that movie.

Kendra: So you had that tour this summer, what about your plans for the fall?

Like Mike: We plan on putting out this new EP, releasing a music video or two and touring!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a basketball halftime show, what five songs would have to be on it?

Like Mike:
Smash Mouth – “All Star
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
John Cena – “The Time is Now
Alphaville – “Forever Young
Yakety Sax


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