Fox Wound/Boundaries: Split

Being in a relationship is like making a split record. It’s the blending of two entities coming together and making something that has enough components to stand away from the other as an individual, but at the same time has enough similarities that it blends well enough that people are like, “Aw, they make a great pair.” When it comes to Fox Wound and Boundaries split, I feel like they’re great friends but would I pair them romantically? That’s to be determined at the end…

When hearing them one after the other, it’s clear to see who is the more aggressive one. Fox Wound is that guy who sits there quite, a bit artsy – but can and will blow up at you when you least expect. That’s how both “Sunshower” and “Sonder” played out. The first started out a little muffled, perhaps he’s a bit too shy to say what’s on his mind and then when he found the courage to speak up, his words were eloquent but not in a pretentious way. Then all of a sudden something changed and he was mighty bear. The mood changed from lighthearted and indie, to this aggression filled tension. The same can be said of “Sonder” only the starting point with that one was a long, trippy route. Boundaries on the other hand seemed more level headed with “Saudade.” It remained the same consistency the whole way through and never offered up a Jekyll/Hyde explosion.

Relationships are always better when they’re balanced. That’s a life lesson taught to us over and over again on television. Ricky would’ve been a bore without Lucy, Homer would be homeless without Marge and Mulder would be nothing without Scully. When it comes to this split, it seems pretty evenly, well – split. Fox Wound brings the chaos, while Boundaries acts as the reasonable anchor. If you’re one for balance, check out their split, out September 15, 2015.


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