GML: Disses and Splits

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The only thing I saw in the news this week that was music related – because I was hit over the head with too many extra assignments and gained some new gigs – were the VMAs and a split that proved love does not exist, only not really. Oh the VMAs. I remember when that was one of the only nights that mattered to me, and I couldn’t wait to go to school the next day and talk about Backstreet Boys and how well they did. Then I got older, the channel started to play less and less videos and today I’m not even sure why they still give out awards to videos they don’t even play. Anyways, from what I heard the only things that happened were a speech that went on forever and a question Miley will never live down, “What’s good?”

With Donald Trump running for president, it’s weird to think that Kanye technically could do so in five years. Can you imagine Keeping Up with the Kardashians being filmed in the White House? Who would even be his VP? So many questions but none like, what’s good? Miley Cyrus needs to just tone down what she says. Then she’d be fine. She really is that girl who tries way too hard to be considered cool. Girl, you don’t have be nude all the time to be awesome. We get it, you’re thin, you’re sexually fluid – you’re trying too hard. Stop. Nicki Minaj – damn. In the end though, you know they’re going to work together at some point and try to bank off of that moment.

Then there was the “devastating” news that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger split up. I know, wipe your eyes and hope they can make it through this. In writing this I wanted to know how old they were…really, he’s only going to be 41 this year – and they’re only 10 years apart? I thought he was at least 45. First Gavin and Gwen and now this? How will the music world survive…I’m sure it’ll be okay.

Now to move on to better things – this week’s video picks! A dose of pop punk, well-knowns, and a some Cheetahs.

Secret Eyes feat. Craig Mabbitt “Ships”

Dave Monks “The Rules”

At The Gates “The Book Of Sand”

Western Scene “See What You Want To”

State Champs “All You Are Is History”

Media Jeweler “Passport Invalid”

Atlas Genius “Molecules”

Motion City Soundtrack “It’s a Pleasure To Meet You”

Little Wings “By Now”

Cheetahs “Seven Sisters”


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