Wrapped in the Covers: Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj “Bang Bang”

Photo Credit: irwinftgrande.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: irwinftgrande.tumblr.com

Remember when that Lip Sync Battle was the best thing on TV and then I completely forgot it existed until it popped up on Hulu the other day? Well I do because it was just last week that I was watching Community’s Alison Brie slay it with “Bang Bang.” Yes, she didn’t say a word but she put Will Arnett to shame. Plus, I couldn’t help but notice Nicki Minaj was all up in the news thanks to her obliterating Miley Cyrus’ confidence at the MTV Video Music Awards this past Sunday. So because of those two factors – I give you some really sweet covers of “Bang Bang.”

Tanner Patrick

Jess Jackson

Craig Yopp

Jervy Hou & Ericka Guitron

Jonathan Young

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