Exploring Bedroom Poetry with Zoya

Photo Credit: Lauren Johnson
Photo Credit: Lauren Johnson

A self-proclaimed “west coast girl with an east coast heart,” Zoya studied at the Berklee College of Music over in Boston – but she had a song in her heart long before that. Writing poetry by the banks right before junior high, this singer-songwriter spends her downtime reveling in the sounds of everyone from Fiona Apple to Emily King, seeing the world and of course playing treats from her latest release.

Having just wrapped up her second run on the west coast she spread her wings and played not only at home in Southern California but up into the depths of Oregon and Washington. Now she has the rest of the year to focus on the rest of the US. Before that though, learn a little more about the songbird that is Zoya.

Kendra: A few years ago I interviewed a pair of sisters who came from an Indian background. So we talked about if their parents were hesitant when they decided to pursue music. They said their parents were supportive, how about yours?

Zoya: Mine have always been the most supportive. They always raised me to never be afraid to follow my dreams and make my mark on the world in whatever way will make me happy. I am incredibly lucky that they have always encouraged me and my music.

Kendra: You’ve been writing this “bedroom poetry” for some time. When did that start, and do you still have the first piece you ever wrote?

Zoya: I started writing when I was around 10 or 11-years-old. I would walk down to this little creek near my house with a notebook and sing to the top of my lungs. I have a beaded pink notebook of the first songs I ever started writing. I don’t think I will ever share them with anyone though! It’s too funny to read back into my adolescent mind.

Kendra: Now maybe some of that landed on your latest album, The Girl Who Use To Live In My Room. If you had to describe that girl who used to live in your room – what five words would you use?

Zoya: Eclectic, confessional, pining, metamorphosis, and recollections.

Kendra: Going off your single “What’s Done is Done,” what’s something in your life you’ll never quite be done with?

Zoya: I always have felt I have had this kind of battle within myself or epic search to find either this “one” incredible, painful love or write that “one” timeless, unparalleled song. I don’t think I will ever be done with this search to find either or – to have created and experienced something that stands so grounded in history, unblemished and untouchable…that’s the epitome of my journey.

Kendra: The video for that looked really fun, you hanging out with your friends and whatnot. When you aren’t shooting videos, what’s your favorite thing you and your girls like to do?

Zoya: Travel! I love traveling and, of course, going out to see live music. We also love to do photoshoots together.

Kendra: Really quick, do you have your feature on Rolling Stone printed and hanging in your house somewhere?

Zoya: Haha no, I should though! That was a really amazing moment. I couldn’t believe it.

Kendra: With Labor Day right around the corner, I want you to make the perfect mixtape for the occasion, five songs – go!

Zoya: Here’s a few favorites of mine these days…
By Fire” – Hiatus Kaiyote
The Fear” – Ben Howard
Bones” – Little May
Breathe” – ANIMA!
Down From The Rafters (Huxley Remix)” – Hundred Waters


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