mm/yyyy: 07/2015

Right now MTV is airing their annual Video Music Awards and I’m watching via Twitter. I have no clue who the artists are besides the ones who even an old lady in the middle of Ohio would recognize. Oh, Kanye West – he’s that boy married to the sex tape girl. Okay, so I’m not that out of touch, but damn if I’m not sure what a Little Mix is. Anyways, while the world seems to be caring about West for president and jumping on the bandwagon of a director who passed away, I’m listening to a couple of tracks from a band I won’t even pretend to understand – at least when it comes to knowing how to pronounce their name. mm/yyyy is long from the VMA stage but who knows, maybe indie will be all the rage instead of a county turned phenomenon and their hipster meets garage band sound will be what the kids are into.

Some kids will love this. The kind who grab typewriters from local flea markets but never use them because they can’t bare to step away from their latest Apple product. Those are the people I feel would gravitate towards this music. “Most Ghosts” would have girls finding mm/yyyy more than impressive, while dudes would find a way to relate to more than the surface of what they heard. They’d dig deep within the lyrics and wonder what they meant when they went on about a “mouth full of bees.” When put up against “American Novel” I felt the unliving was the better choice. It, ironically, had more life to it. The spirit of that one sang long after I turned it down to hear my own thoughts on the subject at hand.

Being of a certain age where I feel a little too out of touch with the mainstream scene, I can relish in the fact that albums from newer artists like mm/yyyy continue to land in my inbox. I may never understand what a Little Mix is, but I do kind of get why the kids would be into mm/yyyy’s 07/2015. It’s indie ways are encased in a nicely wrapped package, like you bought it from the flea market – but in this care you won’t let it go to waste like that typewriter that’s for show.

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