GML: Is T.Swift Real?

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Recently One Direction announced they were going to take a break and being a teeny bopper from back in the day, and anytime Backstreet Boys are around, I wanted to talk about that this week. Then Taylor Swift hit LA like a brick and I couldn’t help but switch gears. I’m going to just come out and say I think there is some conspiracy behind that girl. Not to knock her talent, but something fishy is going on. She seemed to have some sort of residency at Staples Center and over the course of what seemed like a month she was joined on stage by everyone from Kobe Bryant to Justin Timberlake. I think I even Marilyn Monroe rose from the dead to make it out.

Here’s my theory, and I’ll just get right to it – her life/career is a the longest Make-a-Wish ever. I did say it was expensive at first, but the expenses are paid for by her album sales and whatnot. That’s the only logical explanation for her being the coolest girl in class when it comes to celebrities. Of course I’m just kidding, but really – does everyone still feel bad for her over the whole Kanye thing? I think they’re both over it and have been spotted together since. Plus, I heard she may be the one presenting him with the VMA Vanguard Award this weekend…MTV would be smart to play that card. She’ll be in town since her tour is in San Diego the night before and doesn’t pick back up until Labor Day weekend.

While I continue to investigate the life of Taylor Swift, I want you to check out the videos that stood out among the rest this week. There’s some rock from back when I was a mere middle school student figuring out puberty, some odd but cool vibes from Nadia Nair, some good ol’ fashioned punk and even a couple of pop treats in the mix.

Ill Niño “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”

Nadia Nair “Hardships”

Findlay Brown “Mountain Falls for the Sea”

Freedom Fry “21”

Laibach “We Are Millions And Millions Are One”

Synkro “Midnight Sun”

D.O.A. “Pipeline Fever”

Zola Jesus “Nail”

Worriers “Chasing”

Blimp Rock “My Mind Is A Shark”


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