Wrapped in the Covers: One Direction “Drag Me Down”

Photo Credit: cchaires.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: cchaires.tumblr.com

A couple of months ago I put Incubus in my calendar for this week’s cover. Mainly because that’s my best friend’s favorite band, but also because they were going to be in SoCal this week playing shows. Then I went to the depths of YouTube and really couldn’t find anyone who could do “Drive” justice. I guess I can shelve that song away with “I Will Always Love You” and “I Turn to You” as songs that few can touch. So in a scramble, I remembered that One Direction dropped a new video for “Drag Me Down” the other day and low and behold, there was a ton of guys and gals doing an amazing job with this one. Now it’s time to check them out!


Frankie Cena

Doodle Oodle

Landon Austin

Bria and Chrissy


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