An Honest Look at LA’s Own Madyx

Planning is my thing. Okay, so not in life or else I’d have a lot more to show, but when it comes to blogging and projects, I’m a master planner. So every year I start to note my favorites so by the time December rolls around I’m more than ready with my top movies, TV shows and of course, songs. This year that song list is already a little too long and one name on it is a local LA artist by the name of Madyx.

Some Kisses” started and I instantly reached out for an interview because I knew over the next year she may a bit too busy for little old me. Trust, she’s one of those artists you put all your chips on. Betting aside, she’s doing her thing around the City of Angels with Grammy nominated writers, preaching about the value of the truth and of course, doing her best to make her presence known. Now for more with Madyx, keep on keeping on…

Kendra: Being in LA and making your way through this crazy place, what would you say the road to fame is paved with in your experience so far?

Madyx: Being in LA there is such a HUGE music scene that it does take a bit to stand out amongst all the great acts out there, but you just have to believe in what you’re doing; play a lot of shows and connect with the fans on a level that make them always remember you. Just like anything else in life that you pursue as a career or dream, the road to success or fame as you said; is a lot of hard work, persistence and never giving up. Follow your dream and follow your heart, perfect your craft, create a vision of yourself and let the whole world see it shine.

Kendra: When you scored working with Brian Howes, was there some initial pressure since he’s been nominated for a Grammy?

Madyx: Honestly, whether I’m writing with a Grammy nominated writer/producer or an unknown artist I get a little nervous. Writing with another person is an intimate thing. You expose yourself on such a deep level when you are writing with someone; they get the whole back story of what you’re writing about and that’s always a little intimidating. The second the juices start flowing though and we start to get into the groove of a song, all those nerves go right out the window. There’s no pressure to make a hit or not, it’s all about helping someone with our words, doing what we love and creating art.

Kendra: One song that stood out was “Little White Lies,” and it made me wonder what’s the one thing that’s always okay to lie about?

Madyx: Well, from the lyrics of “Little White Lies” it’s obvious that I definitely have lied and I’m sure most of us have whether we’d like to admit it or not; but the reality is, I don’t believe that there’s anything that is really okay to lie about. Being honest and telling the truth about any situation no matter how painful it may be it the way to go, that’s what “Little White Lies” is about. It’s about getting caught and coming clean.

Kendra: And then you have “Some Kisses” which as a stellar ‘80s inspired video. If you could place your music in a classic ‘80s flick, which would it be and why?

Madyx: Oh man that’s a tough one, there are sooooo many great ‘80s movies! If I have to pick one that I think my music would fit in with, I would have to say Weird Science. It’s just SO ‘80s and I’m all about it. Honestly what high schooler doesn’t want to create their own “perfect” girlfriend.

Kendra: So Howes has worked with some pop punk bands and one of your influences was a punk rock leading woman by the name of Brody Dalle. Did you ever entertain the idea of being part of a band instead of a solo artist with more of a pop twist?

Madyx: Yes, actually the last four years of my life was spent being the frontwoman and guitarist for a local LA band called Life Down Here. It was a very pop punk band with some pop influences; we actually did a few dates on Warped Tour and got to open for Paramore which was a great experience. Being part of Life Down Here really helped mold me into the artist that I am today; MADYX.

Kendra: You’re playing shows around LA throughout the summer from Hollywood to the Viper Room, what’s going on come fall though?

Madyx: Come this fall, the plan is to on going back on a SoCal high school tour that MADYX started towards the end of the school year last year and continuing to play local venues around times on the weekends outside of the high school tour. Currently lots of writing taking place and recording some new material is definitely in the future.

Kendra: It’s that time of year when Back to School Sales are starting to be the norm. If you had to make a mixtape to get kids in the mood to head back to class, what five songs would have to be on it?

Madyx: Such randomness but here are a few songs that get me pumped up!
1) “Raise Your Glass” by Pink
2) “Close to Me” by the Cure
3) “Heart Out” by the 1975
4) “Take On Me” by a-ha
5) “I Want U” by Alison Wonderland


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