Metabards: Metabards

The streets of New York are paved with a number of eccentric creative types from those looking to score and be the next Lena Dunham to the troubadours hoping to make their way to the top. Among the many are a pair of friends who go by Metabards. Wisa1 works the machines and Tiānyá provides songbird vocals on their self-titled EP. With two tracks and a trio of remixes, this one if those those who like their music as unconventional as the broadways and avenues of the Big Apple.

Intertwining years of varying musical likes, the duo of Metabards put together tracks that give a great sense of Eastern culture and the electronic scene. “Prometheus” has this overall funky feel that would’ve been a little outlandish in the ‘70s at first, but then widely accepted thanks to the soul Tiānyá delivers on her end. The Krimshok remix just gives you a lot less funk, so depending on what you like you could lean either way on that one. With “Paradise,” Metabards transforms into almost a soundtrack. The tension felt at the start mirrors what you’d hear on the big screen of a sci-fi thriller. The remixes that follow just give it a club makeover.

Metabards are a peculiar pair but that makes them that more fascinating. They’ve only played a few shows around the world so far, but they managed to draw large crowds and impress. If you’re all about knowing who to watch in the electronic scene and into artists like FKA Twigs and Bjork – keep an eye out on these two and check out Metabards, out now.


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