Face Value: Growing Up Young

Growing up is something we all have to do – unfortunately. And next year I’m doing a personal project that will explore 12 aspects of adulthood, and all their highs and lows. Before I get back to work on that, I have some things to do like review a pop punk band from Maryland. They are Face Value and their record is Growing Up Young. There were as many ups and downs as being an adult on this one and with so many waves, I would say this record was an average attempt with some room to grow.

All around, the music was executed well. They had a great start with that aspect right away with “Up Late,” but it was the vocals that made that song sink a bit. When he puts his all into it, and you can hear his heart – that’s when he’s at his best. Like in “Thank you, Buddy” and “Ruminate.” Those are the two I’d head to first because I feel they showcase when the band’s at their best. Those who want to take a chance on an acoustic track, “Adhesive Strip” didn’t do much for me, but maybe it’ll be your cup of tea. For that traditional, catchy pop punk – look no further than “Car Door.”

Face Value is still a fairly young band and have time to continue growing and developing their sound. They’re on the right track, but have a few places they can play with. This is an okay record with a few treats in the bunch that’ll fit well in pop punk playlists that have BoyMeetsWorld and I Call Fives. If you’re into that, check out Growing Up Young, out now. Now I will go back to exploring growing into an adult.


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