Top 10 Thursday: Venues in LA

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When decided where to go to college, it wasn’t so much about the prestige of the school, what they had to offer or what I wanted to do in the future. It was about the here (well then) and now. My parents often thought I was majoring in concerts back then, and in that time I was able to hit up a lot of the venues LA has to offer thanks to deciding CSUN was the school for me. I wish I could’ve included the House of Blues on Sunset but with it recently closing its doors after more than two decades, it couldn’t be in the bunch but it gets a special shout out. Now onto the venues who did make the list.

10. The Forum

The upside is that in the last year or so it just reopened and underwent a much needed makeover. Flying over LA, it’s one of the few things I was able to recognize from the air and it did look pretty awesome. The downside is that it’s in Inglewood and because the area sucks – they know people aren’t going to want to park far and walk. This allows them to get away with charging way too much for parking.

9. Hollywood Bowl

Speaking of, this place does stacked parking – which is the worse. The good thing about the Bowl is that it’s not only for regular shows. They often have movies accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Bowl; PHPA
Photo Credit: Hollywood Bowl; PHPA

8. Greek Theatre

If you’re heading there, note that cell reception is almost nonexistent. That also makes it kind of cool though. It disconnects you from the outside and forces you to actually pay attention to the show you went to see.

7. The Avalon

Back in the day this place was great because it offered great shows at affordable prices. Plus, it’s right up the street from a McDonalds. So standing in line all day was not a problem. Then it went and started to get less and less shows and became more a hot spot for the club scene.

Photo Credit: The Wiltern; Flickr
Photo Credit: The Wiltern; Flickr

6. The Wiltern

A lot of people hate on this venue because the floor is tiered and yes, that sucks balls but if you’re willing to get there early – you can get in that front section or at least the front of the second and be cool. Anywhere other than that, you better be the size of a NBA player to see the show.

5. The Fonda

There’s nothing too great or too horrible about this place. That’s why it sits right in the middle.

4. Club Nokia

One of the newer venues to LA, this one is great for those bands who want to play a place like The Wiltern – but loathe the tier aspect.

Photo Credit: Club Nokia; AXS
Photo Credit: Club Nokia; AXS

3. Troubadour

Really, the only bad part about a place like this is that a lot of the people who go there are in the industry AKA too cool for school to move or act interested in what’s going on.

2. El Rey

This place should be setting for a prom and the elongation of it can be a little weird, but it gets points for the eleganct factor.

1. The Roxy

Like with The Troubadour, this place can have a bit of a smug crowd depending on what night you go, but it has a more laid back feel to it that puts it above it and the rest.

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