Wrapped in the Covers: Hilary Duff “So Yesterday”

Photo Credit: hilarygifs.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: hilarygifs.tumblr.com

The other day a friend tweeted about A Cinderella Story and I was reminded of what a great song Hilary Duff’sSo Yesterday” is. No really, tell me this wasn’t on everyone’s favorite list in 2003. Looking back at the ‘00s, it’s clear that our grandkids will one day wonder why this girl was one of the coolest and we’ll say, “She was in a love triangle with a kid who beat Shaq and had an odd but amazing sense of style as a bumbling cartoon version of herself.” Anyways, here are some fine renditions of her best.

Audrey Whitby

Contagious Muzzick

The Rainbow Gremlin

We’ll Make Smoke Signals

Nina Climaco

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