GML: Boobs Vs. Violence

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Miley Cyrus did an interview where she put Taylor Swift and Co. on blast. She merely pointed out that Swift was praised for her violent escapade in the “Bad Blood” video, while she’s always deemed a bad influence for wanting to show a nipple here and there. Love her or hate her, she has a point. This is especially true when you turn on a newscast at any time of the day. This whole “Black Lives Matter” movement isn’t because some black kid wanted to be heard, it’s because black people are being killed by police every day and there is hardly any action being taken. Plus, look at the shooting that just took place at a showing of Trainwreck recently. People with weapons kill people, not a bare nipple or a side boob.

The former Disney star may’ve gone a little too far with that fiasco of a VMA performance with Robin Thicke a couple of years ago, but in that time she’s kind of toned down and just seems to be going through that free spirit, listen to music on acid phase. When it comes to what I’d rather have kids see – I’m going for human anatomy over violence every time.

On a lighter note, here are this week’s video picks. We travel back to the ’90s a bit, bash our heads to some metal and get rad right at the end.


Balthazar “Nightclub”

OhBoy! “Beautiful Terrible”

Jaye Bartell “Dance With Me”

Donovan Wolfington “Sadhead”

Meytal “Nothing”

White Reaper “Pills”

Vetiver “Current Carry”

The Division Men “Marionette”

Younghusband “Better Times”

20 Eyes “Ladies Choice”


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