Top 10 Thursday: Beach Tunes

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Yesterday you learned that I live in the pits of hell otherwise known as San Fernando Valley. Our summers make me yearn for the beach or at least a pool. Instead I can only sit and wait until I make those daydreams a reality. That’s why this week is all about the perfect tunes for the beach.

10. Katy Perry “California Gurls”

Because I am a sucker for cheesy pop songs.

9. Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA”

Did you not read yesterday’s post?

8. Jack’s Mannequin “Holiday from Real”

One of the songs from the soundtrack to my summer of ‘’06.

7. Sheryl Crow “Soak Up the Sun”

Nothing sounds like this season more.

6. The Academy Is… “Classifieds”

Another from that summer soundtrack.

5. Colbie Caillat “Brighter Than The Sun”

Anytime I can listen to Colbie is a good time.

4. Cute Is What We Aim For “There’s A Class For This”

For being a constant reminder that some bands can get 100% better with time. Thanks Warped ‘14.

3. Hellogoodbye “Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn”

Remember when they used to be fun?

2. Del Amitri “Roll to Me”

This makes me think I’m in a ‘90s montage AKA the best feeling ever.

1. New Found Glory “My Friends Over You”

Summer’s with them either on their own tours or Warped Tour ❤

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