Belial: You Look Good for Infinity

Belial-you-look-good-for-infinity-reviewIt’s a wonder how news anchors can tell you about a little boy whose parents died on a hike and then switch to a lighthearted story. It’s clear that 99.9% of newscasters lack souls. To drown out these heartless beings, I’m listening to Belial’s You Look Good for Infinity. It’s one of those rock records that intertwines the finer points of post-hardcore with an experimental touch. All in all the chances they took on bold instrumentals is what really makes this album memorable.

“Mandy Has a Motto” welcomes you in an abrasive way. The hardcore side of them is laid down thick. Things lighten up with “Jonni Sue Beaver” but then the experimentation starts to roll in with “Horse Caller.” It starts off with a monologue of sorts set to music and winds up in this garage punk meets grunge kind of area. The contrast of the guitar licks in “Dover Glen” and then the beautiful arrangement in the instrumental “My Apologies…” lets you know that Belial isn’t a one note band, but one that can execute a number of styles within the realms of one record. A couple of other notes, the passion felt in “How To Live Without You (For Those Who Want To Know [For Thou Shalt Not Never Know])” and the intro to “…To Doris Kearns Goodwin” are perfect endings to this one. So note – keep playing this until the end. You won’t be mad you did.

As the music winds down, the news is racing to follow a police pursuit of a stolen truck. With that, I’ll leave you with this – if you’re a fan of that post-hardcore scene where no matter what is being sung, it sounds as mad as a kid on the first day of school – then this is an album to check out. Lucky for you there’s no wait time for Belial’s You Look Good for Infinity because it’s out and about and ready for your ears to take a listen.

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