GML: Yes We Can

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Like a typical human in today’s world, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article on Alternative Press about a woman who was told to leave the music industry because she was a woman. Emma Jay Marsh, a manager, declined an offer for one of her artists to work with another. That happens, not all deals are going to work out. When you get a response like that, you thank them for their time and move on. That’s not the one she got. Instead this guy said, “Emma, shame you’re female, maybe you’d make a decent manager. It’s a male industry so maybe you need to take note of that, and cut your losses.” He also then had to note that if he needed someone to clean, he’d reach out to her again. So he was not only sexist once, but twice in one note.

One can only imagine if he’d have been like Degrassi and gone there had the person been another man. What if Emma was black, Asian or some other race – would he then have attacked her status as a manager then, or is he just a sexist pig? Okay, I guess it’s rude to assume he’d be racist as well – but a dumbass is a dumbass, no matter how you paint it.

Dear dude who sent that note to Emma, you are problematic and one can only assume you’d be all for putting on a show featuring that dude who caused trouble at Warped Tour because you’ve proven you don’t care about women – at all. Women can do anything men can do, and often times can do it a hell of a lot better. Emma didn’t want her artist working with yours. Did you ever think that it was because you were an asshole?

Dear girls out there who work in the music industry, keep on keeping on. You’re doing just fine and you’re awesome.

Now here some some videos that caught my eye this week. Starting with some pop punk, dishing out some indie in the middle, getting weird towards the end and capping it off with a little Silversun Pickups.

Dear You “I Can Only Blame Myself”

C. Gibbs “Unchaperoned”

Defeater “Unanswered”

JMSN “Need U”

N. Lannon “Dreamer”

of Montreal “Last Rites At The Jane Hotel”

tUnE-yArDs “Rocking Chair”

Safety “The Shadow Over Brooklyn”

Fascinator “Dead of the Night”

Silversun Pickups “Nightlight”

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