Wrapped in the Covers: Metallica “Enter Sandman”

Photo Credit: Rebloggy
Photo Credit: Rebloggy

Before my older brother moved across the country I was always by his side. His bike was fashioned with one of those weird car seat looking contraptions and as he always likes to remember, my nappy hair would be blowing wild in the wind. Then he became a teen parent long before MTV would’ve paid him to be and a couple years later he packed up and headed to Arkansas. He left a fan of Metal and came back for my high school graduation with a love of Faith Hill, and a dog with the same namesake to prove it. With it being his 40th birthday today, I thought I’d pick one of the songs from when he was a pain in my mom’s ass, one from his prime teenage years. So let’s get to some Metallica and a little “Enter Sandman.”

Banjo Guy Ollie

Bare Bones

Juliana Vieira


The Warning


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