AM & Shawn Lee: Outlines

There are four other things done ASAP to keep a penny-paying gig and what am I doing? Listening to AM & Shawn Lee’s Outlines. When it started, it was as if you took me into what I can only imagine many compounds at Burning Man are playing on the latest Apple product, but by the end it was all about fusing two decades and making it work today.

Persuasion” was the electronic meets indie song that made that celebration of art and culture out in the middle of the desert come to mind. Then there was a shift right away with “Cold Tears.” With that, funk walked in and by the time “Again And Again” began, it was as if AM & Shawn Lee took the funk of one decade and mated it with the club scene of the ‘80s. The best example of the two coming together were the title track as well as “Afterglow.”

Being born towards the end of the decade that brought you Madonna and a love of neon, the only thing I have to go on with these comparisons is Vh1 specials and sitting in the car with older folks who lived then. With that, if you’re a fan of electronic music that has a funk feel that’ll make you move – check out AM & Shawn Lee’s Outlines, out now.


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