GML: Heading in a New Direction

Last week I was like, on Fridays I should pick something going on in the music realm and talk about that instead of what was going on in my personal life. I then looked around for things and couldn’t find anything but that Front Porch Step dude saying he’s not a pedophile. Like really, you think contacting underage girls and talking to them like a pervert doesn’t categorize you as such? He is unclear of the definition. Anyways, we’re going to move on because he’s basically the Bill Cosby of the current scene and we’re tired of his Jell-O filled bullshit.

There was an article about The Academy Is… and William Beckett that stood out. This week the “Wrapped in the Covers” was “Slow Down” so it was appropriate to note that the former lead singer sat down with Alternative Press to talk about Almost Here. He noted, “Musically, it was ambitious for its time,” adding, “Overall, that was who we were. That record was a snapshot of exactly who we were.” Would I have called in “ambitious?” I don’t think I would’ve gone that far, but when you think back to that time – any band that was being pushed around by Pete Wentz were each doing something a little different. Panic! was creating a sensation with music that was one part burlesque show, two parts power pop, Gym Class Heroes made kids at Warped Tour have a hip hop record in their collection that wasn’t Eminem and then you had Academy. Looking back, I’m not sure what they did that was so different but they did make one of the best records from that time – start to finish Almost Here is perfection.

While I sit pissed that Academy is, for the moment, only reuniting for one damn show across the country, I’ll leave you with this week’s video picks. Always a variety pack of course.

Death of Paris “Give + Take”

The Lockhearts “Low”

A Process Of “Black Rose”

Foals “Mountain at My Gates”

Young Brother “Kamikaze”

Mod Sun “Free Love”

Myami “Soldier”

Iska Dhaaf “Same Difference”

Iglomat “King Of The Sun”

Heat “This Life”


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