Wrapped in the Covers: The Academy Is… “Slow Down”

Photo Credit: marielangelax.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: marielangelax.tumblr.com

There was no song picked for this week. I heard some Alicia Keys song in 7-Eleven that remained in my head as I was walking home – but it wasn’t something I’d care to hear again, or hear covers of. So that was scratched and as I came to my halfway point on my walk home, the smell of McDonalds lingered in the air and I thought about summer songs. The same summer I was addicted to Everything in Transit, there was another album that was played just as much. Oh The Academy Is…, why won’t you just do a ten year tour of Almost Here, make some money and then get back to whatever it is you all are up to nowadays? Since they only want to play a show in Chicago – these covers of “Slow Down” will have to do.

Andro Catacutan

phiWINS feat. Ashley Guzman

The Guitar Dentist

Macario Gutierrez

Vacant Andie


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