GML: Highs, Lows and Free Shows

Last weekend I showed up at a wedding where I was not a friend to the bride or the groom. I ate and then headed to see Sugar Ray and Co. Can we all agree that people like Uncle Kracker should’ve been a one hit wonder that never made it past the ’00s? Anyways, the ’90s week continued with a free show featuring Lisa Loeb and Spin Doctors. She shouted out New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert one too many times, and all you could think was – how did that friendship blossom?

Other than free shows, I was down for the count on Thursday. What I thought was the worst/longest hangover of my life – I think was actually food poisoning. I knew my stomach wasn’t happy after I ate the sandwich from Ralph’s. Damn you grocery store already-prepared food. After puking outside my boyfriend’s car in front of some random house, I felt 70% better.

Job update, I went for an interview with a big site. The lady loved me and my writing BUT she thought it was best if she didn’t hire me based on my location. One shift I’d have to get up at 3am to make it there by 6am and the other one, I’d be leaving the office at midnight. She said that area was far too dangerous for someone to be taking the bus at that time. She also said the homeless people are taking some stronger shit nowadays. In the end, if I could ever afford to live out on the west side, I’d have a job waiting for me. Damn being valley trash with a permanent bus pass. Oh my, the thought of a lifetime bus pass – that would be amazing.

This weekend is all about the boyfriend’s birthday – which is lasting up through Monday. BBQ, video games and more – it’s like he’s turning 14 and not 32…but you gotta love em! Now here are this week’s video picks and I’ll be back next week with a set of twins, a look at who’s coming to LA in August and more!

Joni in the Moon “War and Porn”

PVRIS “Fire”

The Age Of L.U.N.A “Memory Lane”

High Tides “Psychic Love Damage”

New Found Glory feat. Hayley Williams “Vicious Love”

Safia “Embracing Me”

Cold Specks “A Season of Doubt”

The Ruminaters “Ghost Porn”

The Elwins “So Down Low”

Bring Me The Horizon “Throne”

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