It’s No Secret Grounders is Your New Best Friend

This week the last run of Degrassi on Teen Nick starts and by the end of the month we’ll have to wait for it to pop up on Netflix. This only comes to mind because it was brought up in some back and forth with Canada’s Grounders. Their own Dan Busheikin didn’t share in my sadness as he is an old school fan and noted the show was done the day they lost one of the original cast members. You have to have respect for someone that can note the OG.

Other than talking about a show I’m too old to be noting, Dan was up for anything – he even took pen to paper to draw something special for Golden Mixtape. A quick sketch, a little bit of romance, what the future holds and more can be found below.

Kendra: You note that you started on Valentine’s Day back in 2010. Were you all single back then, or is it a symbol for the band being your labor of love?

Dan Busheikin: It was a night of musical romance between four fresh-faced boys, courting each other with bouquets of guitar pedals and chocolate covered synth hooks. We’ve been in bed together ever since. On a related note, here’s a Valentine’s compilation album that we made in 2013, each of us made a track for it and some of our friends did too.

Kendra: Fast forward to this year and your self-titled that just dropped in May. Was there any significant growth that you noticed on this record from say when you finished up and released your 2013 EP, Wreck Of A Smile?

Dan: I think these songs are a lot different than the EP. It feels more confident and a bit more inventive, to me at least. And definitely more fun.

Kendra: Did you guys initially bond over that ‘60s sound you have going on, or was that born from rehearsals?

Dan: I think we do like to bond over older music, especially because over the years we’ve become more interested in how music is recorded and mixed, and consequently we’ve become fixated on the tones and timbres that older pre-digital music feel so special.

Kendra: For some fun and to tie in with your track “Drawing Space,” would you be able to draw you and your bandmates and send that along with the answer?


Kendra: Another song that stood out was “Fool’s Banquet” and it made me wonder what one would serve at such a meal?

Dan: Upsidedown steak.

Kendra: By the time this hits the interweb you’ll have wrapped up a healthy amount of dates throughout Canada. Will you be crossing the border and hitting the states after that or later this year?

Dan: We will be hitting a few US dates in late June/early July, coming to Chicago, Minneapolis, and Des Moines (all our dates are on our website!), and we’ll be coming back for more US shows in the summer and fall, if you’ll have us.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for your “Secret Friend,” what five songs would have to be on it?

Dan: Television Personalities “Part Time Punks
John Cale “Big White Cloud
Beach Boys “The Warmth of the Sun
The Monkees “Forget That Girl
The Smoke “Waterfall


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