We Do This: Fault Lines

Last night I was submerged in a ‘90s coma as Sugar Ray and Eve 6 were on the stage as I sat on a poncho covered seat, sticking to it thanks to the humidity of California. You have to wonder how bands like that still manage to sell tickets, and then you see 20-year-old dudes loving every second and you wonder no more. Still laughing at their bro-down moments, I’m starting the week off with a chuckle and some indie pop courtesy of We Do This’ Fault Lines. This was the first time in a long time where neither the lyrics or the music took center stage. Both just played an even game and left me with a familiar sound in my ears.

Three tracks deep, the record starts with “I’m Not Going Anywhere” and right away the line “…almost died in my cowboy boots last night…” struck me as well, odd. You usually don’t hear about that clothing unless it’s from an artist playing that Stagecoach festival in April. Nevertheless, the song as a whole played like some sort of sad song from the b-side of an ‘80s smash hit. Then while “Admit Your Mistakes” offered up some sound advice, it was neither here nor there – placed rightfully in the middle. Lastly, “Don’t Tell Anyone” was as if you took a track from Jack’s Mannequin’s The Glass Passenger and mated it with something from Night Riots. Both are bands I’ve seen and this track felt like sitting through either of those bands’ sets. While one doesn’t tour anymore, We Do This can hope to hook up with the other some time in the future.

Fault Lines would not fare well with the college aged students who think Sugar Ray is a new band, but rather those who like their pop with an indie flare. If that sounds like you, check out We Do This and their latest, out now.

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