GML: “I got the BGs”

Photo Credit: gallery4share
Photo Credit: gallery4share

Will someone please explain to me what the hell is going on when it comes to Wayward Pines? Granted I missed the first 15 minutes of this week’s episode – I am confused. What were those videos that the chick from Wristcutters found? Also, anyone who watched Goosebumps as a kid – doesn’t that doctor look like the librarian who was a bug/ate bugs – whatever it was?

Anyways, this week was pretty awesome. We got to go to a free comedy show and Mike Epps came in at the end for a surprise set. He was pretty hilarious, but the lady Wayans was top notch. Hearing her ramble on about being from the broke side of the family, amazing. Who knew that family had a whole other side…

To update you on my never ending job search – I applied for so many this week and even went through a list of 20-30 sites, and reached out to see if they were hiring. I even reached out to some jobs that weren’t actually writing, but more on the editorial end of the spectrum. Why can’t they see that I am an organization master? I just want to send scans of my planner like, SEE dis shit?

Blog-wise you all loved the Joe Hertler interview and that’s awesome! I hope you take some time to check out this week’s covers and top 10 list as well as what we have on deck next week. A review of We Do This, an interview with Grounders and a mix for a very special dude. Now for this week’s video picks!

Dave Monks “Gasoline”

UNRB “The House on Lime Street”

Holly Miranda “The Only One”

Loud Boyz “FYK”

Teen Daze “Morning Wood”

Fidlar “West Coast”

Du Blonde “Hunter”

Backyard Babies “Th1rt3en or Nothing”

Kira Puru “All Dulled Out”

State Champs “Secrets”


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