Wrapped in the Covers: TLC “Unpretty”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Can we all agree that ‘90s R&B is possibly some of the best music that has ever been and ever will be? From Boyz II Men to the favorites from both Brandy and Monica, oh those were the days. While they live on in our iTunes, it seems that some people are too quick to forget the greatness of that era. That’s why this week I had to pull out one of my favorite songs growing up. Trust, if you were an awkward looking kid the year TLC released “Unpretty” you were like, OMG – YES – THIS SONG. Except the idea of all caps wasn’t really an issue because we were still passing notes and not on that fancy internet just yet – at least I wasn’t. So here are some lovely covers of an even lovelier song.

Meron Addis

Melissa Bitanga

Michael Toner

Nadia Ryann

Rebecca McElroy

One thought on “Wrapped in the Covers: TLC “Unpretty”

  1. SOME 90’s R&B is some of the best music ever written. “Unpretty” is indisputably one of them, despite TLC’s adequate singing abilities. There’s a good reason it was nominated for a Song of the Year GRAMMY!

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