The Winachi Tribe: Time For Love

Last week had too many nights out and left my back in shambles. Two nights and I was dead. What a way to realize you’re getting old, right? I spent the weekend recuperating and wondering about the week that laid ahead. Now Monday is here and The Winachi Tribe is spinning with their latest Time For Love. It’s like you took Maroon 5, pumped in some testosterone, let them chill in England and then slathered them in funk.

Only a few songs make up this record and the first, “Time For Love,” is the one that stands out most. It’s like a relaxed dance party. Again, that Adam Levine vibe with less falsetto comes into play here and really defines who the band is as a whole. Then when “Plant The Seed” came into play, man oh man was that a throwback. Do you remember that group soulDecision? Here’s the one hit they had that may be familiar for the TRL crowd. Anyways, that’s what instantly came to mind when this track started. While the men of The Winachi Tribe all come from musical pasts, none of them were in that early ‘00s group, damn. Last up was a remix of the title track and personally it didn’t do anything for me. Usually remixes enhance a song or make it anew. Instead this one fell flat.

As my back continues to heal and my feet get a break, I’m signing off and leaving you be with this record. If you’re the kind of person who finds the likes of George Clinton and Maroon 5 in your album collection, then this is just another one to add to the bunch. So check out The Winachi Tribe’s Time For Love.

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