GML: Dear Maria…

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Another week down and I’m happy to say that LA is finally cooling off. Yes, it won’t be for long but at least we’ve gotten a bit of a break from the scorching death rays. The nice weather came just in time for a week of All Time Low, or rather, Maria activities. First Jack and Alex were guest DJs at Emo Night and then they played free in San Diego – score. Also, they were the first to ever play Good Charlotte at Emo Night – a band the people who run that shit have told me time and time again are banned from being played. Whatever trio of GC haters, whatever – GC for life…That it what 14-year-old Kendra will always believe to be true. What’s a band from your middle school years you’ll never let go of?

Since I like to keep you updated on my job situation – or lack there of…The lady I was supposed to start with this week gave me the boot. She was “unexpectedly traveling” and didn’t know if it was the right time to hire an assistant. That extra income was going to come in so handy, but now it’s back to the daily grind of blogging, blogging, Craigslist searching and more blogging. I just keep telling myself that all these chicks from SNL whose books I’ve read – they were in their 30’s when things started to fall into place. Damn that lady for her “travels” though. Sketchy ass LA people…

Musically things here were okay this week. Dear artists, if a blog takes the time to review or interview you – appreciate it and share. Just a quick note for those who don’t get that. Next week another cascade of goodies and this week videos that are all over the board in terms of genres. There was a new Panic! at the Disco but I figured most of the population had already watched that one so let’s feature some other gems, right? Now here we go!

Gaunt Story “Forest of the Lost”

Patent Pending “Brighter”

Foxtails Brigade “Far Away and Long Ago”

In-Flight Safety “Destroy”

Haunted feat. Tantrum “Soft Night”

Fox & Fowl “Spark”

DMA’S “Your Low”

The Wyldz “Let It Go”

Coastwest Unrest “36th Parallel”

Hot Sugar “Mayday”


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