Wrapped in the Covers: Good Charlotte “The Anthem”

If there’s one thing I’m horrible at – it’s remembering lyrics. Often times I sing what I think is right. Like when I thought Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” was saying “elephant, elephant will be alright.” I was like, okay…that’s the weirdest song, but whatever. Now this isn’t always the case, there are those rare occasions where I know every line with no doubt in my mind. Again, very rare – but it happens and it happens when it comes to Good Charlotte. Oh no, don’t think I know every album by heart BUT you put on the first two and I may as well me a missing Madden.

Anyways, my the whole point to this rambling was to say that over the past four or five months there’s this been this thing in LA called Emo Night and every single time I’ve requested Good Charlotte, they’ve denied 14-year-old Kendra of joy. Then last night Jack and Alex of the Marias, or rather All Time Low, were the guest DJs and…they played them! I think I reacted more to hearing “The Anthem” there, than actually hearing GC play it live. It’s weird, don’t ask why kids go nuts at Emo Night more so than regular shows. It’s a strange phenomenon – a kind of, you have to be there sort of thing.

So this week I couldn’t help but shine a light on the band that took me from boy band pop and into a whole other realm of music. Thankfully New Found Glory was just around the corner to make me a little “cooler” because for some reason people still wanna hate on GC…rude. Also, here’s All Time Low actually doing “The Anthem.” Now for some others…

Blow Up Your Radio

Heywood 5150

Eighteen Degrees

7 Minutes In Heaven

Ashes of Vega


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