Ransom Scenery: ear to ear

It’s funny how many people “love music,” but in reality they just love the kind they love. That’s why I laugh whenever this one girl has to note “music fans check out…” There are very few people that find beauty in every genre – I am not one of them – at all. So when listening to Ransom Scenery’s ear to ear, I couldn’t help but think that this was only for those who take notice of the experimental rock. That music that you’d never hear on an FM dial, but rather on some film major’s iPod.

Film because right away “Slowly Spinning” rendered scenes from every Sofia Coppola movie that’s ever entered my life. The way the song moved through time was as the title implies – slow. Everything in focus was in slow motion while the background moved faster than normal. With “Driplove,” there was this odd mixture that resulted in something that sounded classical but at the same time very chaotic. The instrumental ways of “Unconditional” were promising, “Just Tour” left me stranded and “Holozoic” appeared to come from another universe. Then there was “Gasm of the Heart (knuckle gloves)” which played like a distant cousin of Gotye, only more trippy.

Ransom Scenery isn’t for someone who loves music, because there’s only like three people in this world who truly love every genre out there. So those few would take to ear to ear along with those who like their rock to have an experimental touch. Rock that doesn’t play by any of the rules and takes alternative to the extreme.


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