GML: Get it ‘Merica!

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What a week for people who know what Warped Tour is, right? Oh Kevin Lyman…you’ve gotten yourself into quite the predicament. My thing is, what if it was his daughter that this had happened to? That’s the question you have to ask him because some – most – people don’t understand shit until you make it personal. So Mr. Lyman, what if it was your daughter who was taken advantage of by an older guy?

Moving on, it’s ‘Merica’s birthday this weekend and I hope that you all are safe and sound come Monday. Be smart about celebrating this weekend, but do have fun! I’ll likely be seeing Magic Mike XXL and wondering why…although I’ve heard it isn’t too bad, and that the lack of the plot really makes it more enjoyable. We’ll see about that. I’m wondering how Channing Tatum will top his “Pony” moment from the first. Speaking of…totally seeing Ginuwine tonight and I’m nervous. Last year K-ci and JoJo managed to ruin my childhood with their cracked out performance.

So last week I was stoked to have two new jobs on the horizon. One let me go before getting started and the other pushed back the start date. Freelance life – it’s as up and down as a merry-go-round.

This week in regards to Golden Mixtape was cool beans. You guys really dug that interview with Alma and I hope you dig Drawcard’s next time around. Plus we’ll have another review, and the usual. Now for this week’s video picks featuring some pop punk, indie and more!

This Is All Now feat. Jason Lancaster “24 Hour Nights”

MYRKUR “Onde Børn”

Sibling Rivalry “Home”

Lithuania “Hardcore Friends”

The Wonder Years “Cardinals”

Elliot Moss “Best Light”

Adaliah “Death’s Counterfeit”

Our Last Night “Road To The Throne”

Little Tybee “Tuck My Tail”

Ravi Shavi “Indecisions”


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