Top 10 Thursday: Albums Dropping in July

As you’ve guessed by now, there aren’t as many reviews going on in this neck of the woods anymore. So because of that and because I never really touch the more mainstream records – I always try and note some of those bigger fish that have albums coming out each month.

10. Between the Buried and Me’s Coma Ecliptic out 7/7


9. Owl City’s Mobile Orchestra out 7/10

owl city

8. Little Boots’ Working Girl out 7/10


7. Veruca Salt’s Ghost Notes out 7/10

veruca salt

6. The Bird And the Bee’s Recreational Love out 7/17

bird and bee

5. The Chemical Brothers’ Born in the Echoes out 7/17

The Chemical Brothers

4. Ratatat’s Magnifique out 7/17


3. Ducktails’ St. Catherine out 7/24

ducktails copy album cover

2. Natalie Imbruglia’s Male out 7/28


1. The Maccabees’ Marks To Prove It out 7/31



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