The Supernatural and Sexy Ways of Alma

When Alma was a girl she was crushing on the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and likely singing to posters of him. Who wasn’t in the late ‘90s? Anyways, today she’s a grown woman and putting her vocals to work in a different way. With a sound that could land her on tours with lovely ladies like La Roux, Alma has found this balance of pop and electronic that verges on sensual. Now she’s watching the competition with a steady eye thanks to her latest single and that’s just the start of her year. Now let’s find out what else this California girl has in store.

Kendra: On a label called Sexy Electric. Do you feel you always have to bring a certain sense of sex appeal when performing and writing?

Alma: There’s definitely a certain amount of that just naturally, getting into such personal spaces and emotions, but Sexy Electric to me is more about good music, being yourself, and affecting others.

Kendra: You’ve said that you hope “Watcher” lifts people up because that’s what it did for you when you wrote it. Where were you mentally at that point in your life?

Alma: I felt a void in my life – a longing for more. For the absolute certainty of eternal love and not being alone.

Kendra: Sticking with some of your tracks, what’s a “Supernatural” being you believe in?

Alma: Well I believe we are all made of stardust, truly capable of being supernatural. But it would be naïve not to believe that other worldly beings don’t exist – I’ve seen a ghost before.

Kendra: When I listened to you, I could imagine you playing alongside the likes of La Roux. Other than her, who would you want to share the bill with?

Alma: Thank you! Grimes would be amazing, she’s got such an eclectic flare and energy. Robyn would also be sweet.

Kendra: Being from Davis, CA I wanted to shine some light on your hometown. It’s in the Yolo County. So…in the spirit of only living once – What are three things you have to do before you check out for good?

Alma: It’s hard to answer that in the huge scope of life, but I have goals to create a fashion line, I would love to spend time living in a foreign country, and create a charity.

Kendra: You just dropped your EP, will you be heading out of LA and playing shows this summer?

Alma: I’m working on my live set-up, and now that I have songs out and more coming this summer/fall live shows are definitely coming this year.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape to lift you up, what five songs would definitely be on it?

M83 “Midnight City
Miike Snow “Cult Logic
Bob Marley “Three Little Birds
Prince “Erotic City
La Roux “Going in for the Kill


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