Wrapped in the Covers: Jack’s Mannequin “Dark Blue”

Photo Credit: picslist.com
Photo Credit: picslist.com

With Andrew McMahon hinting at an Everything in Transit tour later this year, my heart is like – AHHH! Last week Taste of Chaos and now this? High school me and college me cannot handle this excitement. It was one of the only albums I ever learned every word to without actually owning – Thanks BFF for playing it on repeat in the car our whole freshman year of college. That following summer it was on constant rotation as I sat in the den of my mom’s trailer and wished I was anywhere but there.

So while I was walking home this morning I figured this week’s cover had to be Jack’s Mannequin. So let’s get into some great “Dark Blue” covers.

Melany Rachel

Dublin Inc.

Jillian Lavin

Ross Lowe

Asia Wade


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