Glower: The Circle Binds

One of the best things about human history – to me and some others – was the ten years that made up the ‘90s. It was simple, but maybe that’s because I was a kid and my biggest worry was figuring out where to hang a new Backstreet Boys poster. Back then I was too young to really appreciate all music had to offer, but I knew bands like Guns N’ Roses were considered cool and I thought Slash was the pinnacle of cool – it was the hat. Today I’m reminded of that listening to Glower’s The Circle Binds. They have this ‘90s rock sound that’s softer than Axl Rose and Co., but has enough rock to make it work.

Right when “Low Motion” started I jotted down “‘90s.” It was like you took a rock band and blended it with a little nerd, alternative ala “Teenage Dirtbag.” By the time “Find Heaven” rolled into play I had to wonder what these guys looked like; two dudes who don’t appear to be the same age as the dudes who ruled the airwaves two decades ago. While they may be younger than them, they have an old soul musically – “old” being used lightly. I have to shout out the intro to “Like Arrows” for taking the rock to the limit and pushing past that line, and also giving us a great summer track with “Warm Spaces.” By the end, the title track served up a monster ballad to end on a high, yet heartfelt note.

When I was younger I wanted a time machine to go back to the ‘70s for multiple reasons. Now that I’m almost 30 – I’d want to sit in the ‘90s forever and listen to bands like Ace of Base all day. Since that’s not the case I, and people like me, can be happy to know that bands like Glower exist and are keeping the ‘90s sound alive with their alternative rock ways. So if you’re into bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Failure, check out The Circle Binds, out June 23, 2015.

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