GML: Let’s be 16 Forever

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Warped Tour starts this week and I really hope that you check out some of the women of Warped who will be playing every stage but the two main ones. Yup, that’s a problem we could get into. I’ll be in Ventura Sunday eating egg rolls and seeing if Metro Station is as surprisingly great as Cute Is What We Aim For was in 2014. Hey, you never know what a long break could do. OMG ALSO – TASTE OF FUCKING CHAOS. Have you seen that lineup? My high school heart was done. The Used, The All-American Rejects, Finch, Story of the Year…I have had to say no to things I’ve wanted to do and go to recently because of lack of funds, but I am working extra hard to earn more pennies with this data entry gig for a ticket to this. Which, this whole early bird thing…I hope that’s not just for some lame lawn ticket.

Okay, I have to get to that data and a shit ton of articles now so I’ll wrap this up and say that there are great batch of videos to check out below – so get to it!

Elizabeth Rose “Division”

Róisín Murphy “Evil Eyes”

Solvey “The Weight”

Chastity “Manning Hill”

POP ETC  “Bad Break”

Strange Names “I Can’t Control Myself”

Refused “Dawkins Christ”

Beauty Pill “Steven & Tiwonge”

Felix Da Housecat “Is Everything Ok?”

Dark Tranquility “The Science Of Noise”


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