bFAME: Stuck

bFAME-stuck-reviewBeing stuck is just another factor of the human experience. Whether it’s in a bad relationship, at a horrific job or in a rut because you have nothing going on for yourself and feel like nothing is ever going to pan out. We’ve all been stuck at some point in our lives and that’s why a boy named Brandon from Whitter, CA who goes by bFAME when he straps on his guitar decided to make this EP; Stuck. Every song an acoustic sentiment about the idea of being stuck in someway shape or form.

The record starts with a quick note. “Recharge” isn’t even a minute long, but it welcomes you in and gets you prepped for what’s to come – and that’s an emotional ride. Speaking of…”Along For The Ride” had this Good Charlotte essence to it that was hard to shake. Hey, don’t write bFAME off for that comparison because if you’re my age, you know your ass loved that band. Don’t pretend you’re too cool. Those first two albums were golden. Anyways back to Stuck. “Screwed” had the harshest title, but contained the most heart while “Mr. Right” will make your own heart swell and say “Aww…” The first few lines of the title track are not to be missed and made me note it as a contender for my favorite songs of 2015.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a bad situation or with a bad infatuation, then you’ll want to check out this one OR if you’re a fan of This Wild Life – then I’d suggest you’d give bFAME a chance. Stuck is out now and ready for you to get with it.


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