GML: Binge is the New Black

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Running late on a day I had all planned out has got me scrambling. All I wanted to do was get home, get shit done and then head to my boyfriend’s to binge on Orange is the New Black. Now I’m behind and freaking out trying to avoid any and all spoilers as I search for a fitting GIF. This is a first world problem and I apologize. There are far bigger issues out there like, ironically enough…those two guys out east who escaped from prison. That’s been my favorite story to follow this week. The best part being the lady who fell for one of the murderers and planned to help them escape, but then has a panic attack.

Other than all the jail talk, things were pretty so-so this week. Interviews for Golden Mixtape are all planned out and ready to go through July, which makes me want to start on August – but I have to tell myself it’s too soon and to hold off. I also decided that I definitely want to do a Punk Goes… every month. We’ll see how that pans out. It’s been years since I started my Punk Goes Mariah Carey but failed to finish because I wanted Brendon Urie to do them all. Planning all that out makes me want to start on my next two blog ideas.

This weekend we’ll be heading down to Long Beach for the Special Olympics to cheer on my stepdad as he coaches my cousin’s team. Is it too much to wear their team color and to make a sign? I think I’m going to hold off on the glitter sign and just sport the color. While I plan my soccer-mom-to-be outfit, check out these videos that caught my eye this time around…

PINS “Everyone Says”

Win Win “Been So Long

Iva Dawn “Officer”

Heart of a Coward “Hollow”

Farao “Hunter”

Runaway Kids “Better Days”

Vienna Ditto “Oh Josephine”

Sameblod “My Fortune”

Sleepy Hahas “Deep River”

Lucy Rose “Like an Arrow”



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