Wise Words and Birds with Pleasantry

Photo Credit: Ash
Photo Credit: Ash

It you had to sit and make a top ten list of why music is awesome – I’d have to say that somewhere around the top of that pile would be its ability to connect people. It’s a universal language spoken by most of the world’s inhabitants, able to spark a conversation between strangers in a matter of seconds. Plus, talking about music opens you up to new things. So let’s talk about Pleasantry. They’re a group of five – four men and a lady – from Singapore who have taken their indie pop from their part of the world to North America and most recently the UK. It’s just a matter of time before they continue their plan to take over the world. While their drummer Daniaal Adam noted that they’d love to come to the states for a minute and play in New York or LA, they’re going to have to stay up. In the mean time check out the following and find out why they took a folk turn, their interest in owls and more.

Kendra: How’s the music scene in Singapore? Are there more local bands moving up in the ranks or imported bands?

Daniaal Adam: The scene here is relatively small but it’s growing steadily every year and there’s no shortage of talent. Everyone knows each other and there’s so much support coming in for all the bands and artists. I’d say there’s a shift in the mindset of the general public when it comes to Singaporean made music. People are more accepting and supportive of our local bands and are giving them more opportunities to move up the ranks.

Kendra: You guys just did a split EP and had your debut record drop last summer. I read Synapses is your guys collective memories, but I want to know, what’s your favorite memory from the band so far?

Daniel: There’s a lot! But the recent North American tour has got to be the best we’ve had. It was an amazing experience for us as a band and individuals, and we can’t wait for the next tour. The people we met along the way were fantastic and the whole trip really exceeded all our expectations.

Kendra: Where’d the influence for the folk sound in “False Realities” come from?

Daniel: There was a period in time where we were very into folk music. We came up with songs like “False Realities” and “Near & Dear” as well as “Farewell Waltz.” We’re big fans of bands like “Beirut,” “Givers” and “Fleet Foxes.”

Kendra: There’s a song called “Owls” and your previous EP had one on the cover. What is the group’s connection to the wise creature?

Daniel: The owl was on our first ever EP release and was designed by our dear friend, Hamaiza Kasban. There’s no particular connection other than the fact that owls are just really cute and mysterious creatures. We want to have a cat on the cover of our next record! We’re all big animal lovers.

Kendra: You recently went to the Canadian Music Week. How was it and did you meet anyone on your “must-meet” list – if you have such a thing?

Daniel: CMW was such a fantastic experience for us. Playing in a new setting to a whole new bunch of people is very refreshing and we really enjoyed ourselves too. We did manage to find a bit of time to sit in some of the very insightful conferences but we didn’t manage to meet anyone. We would have absolutely loved to meet the guys from Death Cab For Cutie and Of Monsters And Men. We are huge fans! We had to fly off the following day to New York for another show, so we couldn’t hang around very long.

Kendra: It was your first time playing overseas. Did you notice any cultural differences?

Daniel: People dance more in North America! Haha, but other than that there’s not much of a difference.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represents Singapore, what five songs would have to be on it?

Daniel: Here are some of our favourite bands/artistes from Singapore!
Charlie Lim – “Bitter
ANECHOIS – “Future
Caracal – “Welcome The Ironists
.Gif – “Juvenile
Gentle Bones – “Until We Die


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