The Happy Alright: Esperando

the-happy-alright-esperando-reviewThere are six different people’s handwriting permanently on my body. Mine, my parents’, my brothers’ and Andrew McMahon’s. While it’s not a Something Corporate lyric but rather a one from his time in Jack’s Mannequin – I’m reminded of SoCo as The Happy Alright plays. It’s like they took a page from McMahon but played around with it, infusing more pop punk and came out with Esperando; a record that has heart, but doesn’t fail at packing a little punch.

Musically, I wouldn’t compare this to Something Corporate because it doesn’t have this heavy piano driven style. No, but I could see The Happy Alright having toured with them back in the day, or even today if they wanted to reunite again – hint – hint. Anyways, one could only be pleased that “Introduccion” wasn’t just an instrumental. The lyrics were strong, as they were throughout the rest of the album. “My Stupid Life” definitely had a 2002 pop punk vibe, while “Sour Candy” was more or less the same and overall the most fun song in the batch. What was surprising was the rough vocals that came at the end with “Lost at Home.” It was like they were this sweet, soft spoken kid the whole time and then just couldn’t take it and let it go at the last second.

If you were a Drive-Thru fan, then check out The Happy Alright. They’re kind of like The Startling Line and SoCo had a little baby, put it in a time capsule and then let it loose over a decade later. Now get to listening because Esperando has been out a minute and has been waiting for you to take it in.


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