GML: A Look Into Summer

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My 14-year-old self as well as my 28-year-old self is really saddened by the end of Degrassi. It was announced this week that it will be ending at the end of July, and I really hope that Drake…Jimmy…Aubrey Graham will make it for a final farewell. Broken heart aside, this week was pretty okay. I went to that wedding, met some interesting characters on the groom’s side, made my boyfriend’s nephew take wine from another table for me and had A LOT of cookies and cake. There is about 10 more pounds on my body from that trip and I think it’s going to be a permanent fixture.

That’s it on the home front – as for the blog…This is the week that interview questions head out for July and that month is chalked full of variety in that department. A girl from NorCal who sounds like La Roux, a couple of bands and a singer songwriter that’s bound to have a lot of interesting things to say. As for what’s on deck next week…celebrating the return of Orange is the New Black, an interview with Pleasantry and a more.

Until then, check out this week’s video picks!

KYTES “Inner Cinema”

Ana Sapphira “Man Of War”

Eternal Summers “Gold And Stone”

Neon Trees “Songs I Can’t Listen To”

Braids “Miniskirt”

Tim Guy “St Petersburg”

Lindsey Cohen “Exhausted”

Methyl Ethel “Twilight Driving”

Tear Out The Heart “The Rejected”

Sasha Siem “See-Through”


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