Wrapped in the Covers: Chris Daughtry “Home”

Photo Credit: singersavenue.tumblr.com

While I loved seeing a new place and finally experiencing a plane, it feels wonderful to be home. So why not pick a song this week that’s all about that and is hilarious to try and sing along to? Jokes aside, Chris Daughtry was my pick on whatever season it was he was on…I’m pretty sure five, but I remember loving his audition and being too excited to meet him on Sunset Blvd. about a week or so before or after her was booted off the show. I think it was soon after because I was mad that he hadn’t won. Yup, that was it – and he wasn’t at all upset about it. Anyways, to celebrate being home and in my big yellow chair, let’s listen to some awesome covers of Daughtry’s “Home.”

Fabio Maciel

Thomas Pedersen


Artem Furman

Travis Pickering


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